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Aug 18, 2017
Hello all, my 2016 Audi connect subscription expires soon. This time around they only offer the $20 monthly service, whereas before they offered six months at $99. I won't be renewing because of the dollar increase. It's not worth it, since I have a new smartphone that has better efficiency for most things.

Without Audi connect, will my etron app still function in terms of climate control, scheduling, etc. the way it does now? I suppose I could just remove the sim card now, and see what happens, then put it back in.

BTW, I have 4,200 miles on my Prestige trim eTron, no problems so far, except on startup, it often takes two tries to get the electric engine going even though I hold the ignition button almost a full minute.

I've been without the Connect on my 2016 Premium Plus for a while now. The eTRON app works fine (well, as fine as it has ever worked), as it uses a separate cellular network than Audi Connect. Satellite radio works fine as well.

I must say that I've never really used the Audi Connect media functions though. I tried Internet Radio and was unimpressed. If I want a hotspot in the car I'll make my phone into one. Yes, its easier if the phone auto-connects to the car, but not if I have to pay for it. You will need to turn off the wifi function in the MMI or your phone will still connect to the car, but won't have an external internet connection.

All I noticed other than losing the hotspot when I dropped the Connect subscription is that the Google Earth display only works in the geographic area that was cached at the time the subscription ended, and Online destinations and POI-based navigations don't work. But, I can still enter navigation verbally as "Enter Address" (House, street, city).

So, change the Nav settings off of Google Earth to one of the standard display options. Otherwise, the map sort of appears to work when you leave the cached locale, but there's an offset to the display and zooming in makes the display all confused. I still get traffic alerts, offers to navigate the the nearest gas station when I get low on fuel, and POI's display on the map.

In short, notwithstanding the marketing, I've not missed having Audi Connect. I could have added it to my ATT Family Plan as a new data "device" for $10 monthly, but its not worth that to me.

P.S., 4,200 miles on a '16? I've got 18K on mine purchased in 10/16 and get roughly 50% fuel/non-fuel miles per the MMI display.
Thanks Jumper.....

Your response answered all of my questions; I'm sure many other folks were wondering the same thing since everyone's subscriptions are expiring.

Without Audi Connect, my biggest loss might be the Google local search, but since I can bluetooth the cell phone audio, to the car, I can search using the phone when I have to, and have the turn by turn directions play through the car speakers (or not, but then I'd have to turn off my music in order to hear the cell phone speaker).

Good to know the eTron app will work. Yes, I only have 4K miles. I bought mine same time as you....maybe I'll start putting more miles on it now that I'm retired. This is the perfect car for someone who does not commute, much less so if you are working and commute. I can go 485 miles before filling the tank, yet I can get 1000 miles per gallon if I don't travel anywhere and simply drive around town on full electric. Can't beat that.

thanks again!
Hi. Can someone tell me more about this etron app? How does it connect to the car, what's the best feature, does it cost anything, etc? (I'm in the U.S.) Thanks!