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Jul 12, 2014
I thought it was about time I gave the e-tron a thorough test. What better testing ground than Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way I thought.

Well, I didn't have as long as I would have liked, but I have just returned from a 10-day tour, covering 1,700 miles. The tour started and ended in Windsor, the route covered about half of the Wild Atlantic Way Home | Wild Atlantic Way, from Bantry in Co. Cork to Leenaun in Co. Galway and covered a wide range of roads both in terms of speed, width and surface. All overnight stops were made at B&Bs and they were absolutely excellent. :D

I was supplied with two RFID cards for ESB's e-charging network in Ireland, comprising some 1,200 public charge points across the island. I found the network easy to use and relatively easy to find thanks to the ecar connect app for my smartphone.

The most significant observation was how well the e-tron's suspension managed the very bumpy surfaces of the western coastal roads. I guess that Audi have provided unique progressive suspension to deal with the significant weight excess, but I never bottomed-out despite visible signs that many others had!

As I only charged up once on the tour, the overall fuel economy ended up being about 55 mpg. This is better than I expected as I made good use of the torque available for overtaking and covered a fair distance on motorways at around 75 mph ;)

My three PAYG SIM card provided excellent roaming and in-car WiFi for most of the trip and didn't cost the earth thanks to Three's "Feel at Home" service where Three doesn't charge you extra to call and text back home or use data abroad.

The only negatives encountered were:
The severe gale force winds on the Fishguard to Rosslare ferry crossing :cry:
I had to snow-foam and wash the outside twice to remove 10 days worth of road grime off the paintwork
I can highly recommend making such a tour and am happy to volunteer guidance to any who might choose to do so.

Dingle Peninsula

Connor Pass