Where Do I Get a Euro to USA Adapter for Charging Cable?!

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Nov 3, 2020
Hey Etron Owners,

I purchased my 2017 Etron in June from a used car dealership in Utah. They provided a Euro charging cable with a short (maybe 8"?) adapter on the end that adapted the "plug" for a US 120v socket. Stupidly, I was visiting a relative for a week and used an extension cord in his garage to charge my car. Do not do this. Fortunately all that happened is that the adapter section of cord melted into the extension cord. However, I cannot find a replacement anywhere. I thought I had ordered it from my local Audi dealer, but when I went to pick it up, it was the wrong part and they finally concluded they couldn't get it. I've done a "google" search for "Audi A3 Etron Charging Cable Euro to USA Adapter" but it still isn't obvious to me where to turn to replace it. It's been almost two months. Ideas or links, anyone?

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