what was the original texture / surface on your shift knob?

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Apr 16, 2019
So the dealer was replacing my shift knob because the logo fell out.

My original shift knob is like a tacky feeling black leatherette. The new one is a rough matte rubber surface.

The dealer parts manager is saying that it's the same exact part and the old one was also originally a rough rubber surface. And that its only smooth now because of wear.

I don't believe it because my old knob felt like a shiny faux leather, slightly padded surface. And the new one is a matte rough rubber surface.

Original owners, what was the texture on your shift know when you first got your E-Tron? they are trying to tell me I'm crazy and its the same rough rubber surface from the start and its only because mine is worn and used.
I just checked my gear shift knob and it seems to be exactly how you described your original knob (felt like a shiny faux leather, slightly padded surface). My car is a 2018 with 30,000km. So you are not crazy!!!