Weight of 17" wheels?

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Aug 25, 2016
Has any one seen a weight published for the factory 17" 15 spoke wheels?
Follow up on my own question, now that I have my car at home and available to work on.

Standard 17x7.5 15-spoke turbines with Continental tire weighs 47.6 lbs (21.6kg), confirmed on 2 different scales.

According to specs at Tire Rack, that tire (91H AO marked for Audi) weighs 21 lbs. (9.5kg).

That puts the wheel/rim at 26.5 lbs (12.0kg) or so.

Interesting for me, as I am thinking about different rims, and while I doubt there are any noticeable benefits to a small change in weight either way, I'd like to avoid going heavier if I can.

Mostly unrelated side note - the offset of the factory wheel is 51mm.
Another follow up. My new wheels have arrived, and they (also 17x7.5) weigh in at 23.0 lbs. (10.5 kg). They will be installed tomorrow.
Curious to see your e-tron with the new wheels. Are you planning on doing suspension to drop the car lower?
tchu619":2foeeyl8 said:
Are you planning on doing suspension to drop the car lower?
No, not lowering it. Despite my fussing about how unattractive I found the original wheels, this car is more about function, not looks. I see no reason to lower it, possibly compromise the ride, and definitely reduce the ground clearance. (Ground clearance could be an issue once I find and install a receiver hitch on it.)

For sportier driving and looks, it work with my other car, an '84 Porsche 911.
Arne thanks so much for the stock weights!
Just got my wheels and tires today. Still need to install. They are on average 43.75lbs so I'm estimating 4lbs lighter per wheel/tire x4 =15-16lbs lighter. Will also weigh up one of my stocks.
A few lbs lighter on each wheel can make a big difference in mpg, have you noticed a difference?
I think the larger 8inch footprint resistance and drag will offset any weight benefit I might get, but I'm happy to have better handling and a hundred times better looking rims.
I got Enkei 18x8 cast aluminum TSP6 rims with Low Roll Resistance Bridgestone (MXM4 I think). 45mm offset.
Will post some pics when I get them on next week. Not in a big rush with Winter here.