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Sep 19, 2016
I just picked up my 2016 e-tron from the 5000 mile service and was getting an inspection while the car was at the dealer. I left the car Monday morning and luckily requested a loaner. Today is Saturday and the customer service is advising that they couldn't complete the inspection because the emission wouldn't reset due to low mileage. while at the dealer they put on 50 miles (the dealer did fill up the tank) to try and get the engine to reset but, no luck. They told me they didn't know how many miles were needed to reset the engine to complete the inspection. So, they gave me the car back and I need to go back in two weeks to see if the engine emissions has reset so they can complete the inspection.

I didn't see any messages about this topic and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience or has any clue what might be causing this symptom.

Thanks and Regard.
Never heard that before. I just had my 5k service today and there was no mention of it. However, in Texas, I believe we get two years before we need to renew registration or get an inspection.