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Audi is staying mum on the subject - I contact the local Audi dealer and they said they are unable to tell me, there's no information been given to them from the higher-ups.

Not sure if they are still testing towing with the A3 e-tron or if they are just unsure whether to allow towing with it at all since then they have to support drivetrain issues under warranty even if caused by towing.
Found this on so I guess no tow rating in the UK

BMW i3 with Range Extender Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV GX3h
Kerbweight/payload/towing weight 1,315/415kg/N/A 1,540/510kg/N/A 1,810/500/1,500kg
The full specifications for the USA e-Tron doesn't list tow capacity anywhere.

This website also lists the tow capacity as N kg (which I assume means 'none' or 'no' or 'not applicable') ... ght-limit/

1.4 TFSI e-tron 5dr S Tronic Lease

Standard Equipment

Navigation system
Climate control
Front fog lights
Front armrest

Technical Information

Insurance: Group 29E
Engine power: 150 PS
Fuel consumption: 176.6 mpg (combined)
CO2 emissions: 37 g/km
0 to 62 mph: 7.6 secs
Max occupancy: 5 seats
You can configure your e-tron with a tow-hitch in the Danish Audi configurator, but there doesn't appear to be any detail on the towing capacity.
Still no official comments from my Audi dealer as to whether it's rated to tow anything. I'm hoping it is, I don't have a large travel trailer but would like to be able to haul a motorcycle to the track on the weekends. The E-tron should be able to handle it (IMO).
Much of the drivetrain of the vehicle is identical to the 1.4 TFSI S-tronic, which is rated at 1500kg towing capability.

The main difference is the addition of the electric motor, which shouldn't be impacted by the additional load - it's limited by current through the controller, not by anything that would wear faster with additional load. I imagine it may be possible that the engaging and disengaging of the gas engine could be impacted by the additional load, both in the control programming as well as the mechanical actuation. If you were to try towing, it might make sense to run in sport mode so that the gasoline engine always runs.

Just my 2 cents; I'm considering trying it this weekend with a load approx 1/2 the rated load.
Trailer classes are a quick way of knowing how much weight your vehicle can handle safely. Class I is the lightest weight, class II is a little bit more.

Googling trailer classes led me here: ... class.aspx

While the manual does mention towing, keep in mind that it covers all the A3's, not just the E-tron. At least that's the case for the on-line manual.

I tried to get my dealer to add towing to my car before delivery. They wouldn't do it, even after I showed them the European build pages where it is a option. My guess is that in the European market, people tow a reasonable load - say small trailers or put a couple of bikes on the back. In the US market, folks see a receiver for a hitch, and they'll hook anything up that fits. I know I have. ;)

Total passenger and cargo capacity is maxed out at 450 kg/992 lbs. per the loading sticker on the b pillar. That doesn't leave much towing capacity once you put people and a bag or two in.

Our UK friends are discussing this in more detail here -
I don't believe that there is anything such as a European spec. Each country where the e-tron is available has its own specific parameters and specification. The UK for instance does not make a towing bracket an option. It doesn't even provide weight limits for towing. Other European countries do however provide such an option I believe.

If you go to the Dutch Audi site you will find the following:

Max. trailer load
  • Empty weight: 1615 kg
    Max. roof load / ball pressure: 75/75 kg
    unrestrained: 750 kg
    restrained: 1400 kg
    not for Netherlands: 1600 kg

Audi Option Code 1D2 - Tow bar (detachable) - Cost = € 823 +VAT
Note: Not for ordering in conjunction with panoramic glass roof

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