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Jan 12, 2016
Fresh start with that wonder. I had it for a weekend.

Here are my first no-expert impressions!

General info: I'm from Canada, temp is below freezing point, I got the Technik trim with every bell and whistle.

The Best:

- The silent torky drive. I like the spaceship 0-50km acceleration!
- The keyless entry (ok, ok, I know everybody does it now...)
- The impression the car tries to get back every bit of energy it can.
- The design of this car. It's lovely inside and out. The A3 interior is really minimalist and clean! And It does look killer in most angles from outside.
- Road handling. As I miss the cornering behaviours of my last car, this one is overall a really smooth, stable, and grounded vehicule. I often feel I go much slower than I actually am! Speed tickets will come I'm afraid. The E-tron is putting me in a dangerous confidence.

The Good:

- Lane departure prevention. That's really cool. But without warnings after 30s, it would be much nicer trick.
- The blind spot assistance. Not essential, but useful.
- The wiseness. Under most circumstances, the drive train management is really clever. The ICE comes in when it needs to, the electric motor is giving a good boost when you demand it. The car is completely "gliding" with both motorizations off when cruising. I like that.
- The front charging port. Not sure about the cover, it feels flimsy. But the place is perfect for my actual setup!
- Storage space. My previous car was a VW rabbit. Same form factor. But it has so much more storage space around the front seats... I will have to be creative.
- The electrical range. Of course, I want more. In a perfect world, I'd want a all-electrical A3. But I think it is enough for everyday's little trips. If somewhere in the future a battery upgrade becomes available, I might be tempted!
- Charging times. We got 120v/240v here and on 120v, the charging time is less than expected. 240v is coming soon next to the car. Things will get even better!

The Bad:

- Sport seats were supposed to come with hinged drawers, they did not.
- Very few options available here in Canada.
- The rearview mirror is very low. It obstruct front vision a lot.
- The electric range seems to be really affected by the temperature.
- The jack. Come on. It *almost* fit in the foam behind the gas tank. Something is wishing to be accomplished here... But I don't want to cut the foam close to the gas tank since it does not seem safe. Time will tell if I will be able to resist.
- Reaction times. That was to be expected but I think I will need some time to adjust for the slight delays on both the throttle and the break. They are both really soft and I can feel that a lot is going on when I press them. The car is doing some interpretation on what I'm trying to do, and sometimes it is a bit off.
- The windshield seem to be warped on the passenger side. Road features are deformed. But I guess the dealership will take care of that. Bad glass...

The Ugly:

- The charger. This is a freaking joke. It's big and heavy. The built-in software if of no use for me. The wallmount case cost almost a grand. There is no way I'm keeping this in the trunk all the time. It's staying home. Along with the even bigger square bag.
- The front license plate. We don't use front license plates here and it comes with a really ugly, bumpy E-tron plastic badge covering what would normally be flat and aligned with the grill. Also, we speak french here, and a big "E-tron" written on your grill is somewhat of a bold statement... That will need to get off.
- No connected services. None at all. The gentleman at the dealership describing the car upon delivery talked about a in-car hotspot that would be using my cell phone data plan. Well he was right. But the car has nothing to do with it...

Despite what It may looks like, I do like this car a lot!
I will post pictures in a few days.
Dominic":1lubb3d6 said:
Fresh start with that wonder. I had it for a weekend.

Here are my first no-expert impressions!
Thanks!. Where would you put overall efficiency?

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