Taken a test drive in 2015 e-Tron

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Sep 11, 2013
It was just a short test drive for about 8 miles. When starting, the EV range displayed 25 miles. 5 miles were electric around 70 on the motorway, 5 in Hybrid Auto on the motorway, and 2.5 miles in ev mode again. When complete, the EV range displayed 11 miles.

I did several accelerations during the first ev section to see how powerful it felt.

The sales guy said they have been shifting it into hybrid mode and driving it to charge the batteries up for customer test drives.

Overall, I am impressed. It was very quiet on the inside. Acceleration in EV mode is hard to tell, but seemed to be decent. When the petrol engine kicked in, it was hardly noticeable.

I did not really test the regen braking, as lifting off the accelerator seemed to just be a coast.

I was told it comes with a 13 amp plug and EVSE and a type 2 charging cable for maximum 16 amps.
Also forgot to mention that you can get hands free calls without the 'Audi Phone Box' extra.
Range of 31 miles/50 km is simply not there at 70mph. Read a review where an Audi engineer stated autonomy at higher speeds, was well below 20 miles.

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