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Apr 2, 2024
The Hague, Netherlands
Hi All,

Since last year September i am a proud owner of an Audi A3 E-tron 2020 (8V) which i have imported from Germany to The Netherlands from an official Audi Dealer in Hamburg.

After driving it for a bit now, i noticed a problem that quiet concerns me and i was hoping if you fellow E-tron drivers could help me finding the problem or solution on this.
The car has an issue which only appear after driving distances of around 60 KM+. After this distance the car starts to stutter / shudder, each time when the car comes in a complete stop and i pull up the car starts to shake violently. I did some research online and found out that multiple people have this problem and that after replacing a new Mechatronic the problem was solved.

I have uploaded 3 video's of this moment, which the stutter / shudder is clearly hearable an can been seen / listen here: Youtube Playlist

Unfortunately the stutter / shudder is not visible as my phone camera has an auto stabilizer but its possible to hear it on these videos.

Looking forward to hear if any of you has or had the same problem.

Kind regards, Sam.
Hi Sam,

Have you noticed a difference between comfort and dynamic? I ask this because I noticed one of your videos you have Dynamic mode turned on. It's likely unrelated, but I'm curious anyways.

I'll be watching this thread and hopefully some other folks have more information for you. I hope you find the root cause and are able to get it repaired without too much hassle.

Good luck!
Hi SirCharges,

I didn't notice the difference but definitely will check it next time when it appears. On the highway i drive on Comfort and in the City on Dynamic mode. Once i managed to check it i will post an update here.

Thanks for your response! :)
Note that when I looked in to the info on line at erWin... there are a few TSB's that reference "Shudder". Does not mean it is your issue but maybe a call to a dealer is next step.
Note that when I looked in to the info on line at erWin... there are a few TSB's that reference "Shudder". Does not mean it is your issue but maybe a call to a dealer is next step.
Is this erWin stuff available to everyone? If it's something that costs, would it be possible for someone who has the info to share it with the folks in this thread?

Good point Jack! On a Dutch forum someone also recommended me to check up online at erWin, thanks for checking it! I will have a look at erWin how to get this information.
Here is an interesting article I found, which reminds me of one of my very early DSG VWs, the system would "learn" from your driving habits and change the way it shifts, every so often, it would learn something funky for one reason or another and shifting would be rough, I had vag-com at the time so I could run a transmission calibration reset and it would solve the issue for a while until it would return.

Since my shudder is so light, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a reset that's needed. The procedure outlined in this article is kind of crazy though, 75times?!

Let me know what you all think and if anyone has tried this before.

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