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Yes, bolt pattern is same. I took spare from 2010 Audi TDI. Winter wheels from 2010 fit just fine. Big issue is room it takes up
If it is a 15" spare (as mine was) it will not fit the front, but may fit the rear. You need 16" or larger to clear the front brakes.
I'm thinking of not doing the spare tire. Takes up too much room in the back since it needs to be lashed down. When I finally get my Etron I'm just putting on run-flats and taking the jack out, too. Modern run-flats like the Bridgestone DriveGuards are actually really good compared to the old stuff.
Hello all, new guy here...

I've had similar tire failures on my 2015 VW GOLF TDI... Very frustrating, even with the Golf's donut spare.

The TDI is going to be replaced with (possibly) an etron, and I'm encouraged to read that the Golfs donut spare will fit the etron. Does anyone know if:

1. The Golfs Jack will work on the etron?
2. If there are jack lifting points on the etron?

I'll apologize in advance for my ignorance!

I'm also wondering if there are any types of tires that people are replacing the stock ties with that aren't so prone to failures(?)

TIA for any replies! I'm really hoping the etron will work for me!
Pacpalcal":awddj5sn said:
1. The Golfs Jack will work on the etron?
2. If there are jack lifting points on the etron?

Don't see why it wouldn't - most VWs and Audis have the same jack...and it sucks. The call it "The Widowmaker" since it is a terrible design and prone to killing you while you are under it. (To be honest, this is based on old knowledge. Not sure VAG ever decided to go with a normal scissor jack like everyone else or if they are sticking with the death trap.) And all Audis have jacking points - but they usually have the pinch weld so you need the V-grove adapter like this one if you use an aftermarket portable jack.

Oh, and here is a good photo of "The Widowmaker - by Audi. Ask for it by name..."
I'm pretty sure the e-tron comes with a jack (only pretty sure because mine is in the shop and reading the manual on-line requires the Flash Player Plugin which I won't use on general principle). Can't verify if it is a scissors type or WidowMaker™ jack.

IIRC, while the e-tron has no spare, it does come with a jack as well as a can of sealant and a small air compressor. Its been months since I looked at the manual but there may be something about using the jack to get the flat off the ground so you can spin it to distribute sealant.
The jack which came with my 2016 is a scissor jack, not the widow maker.
Does anyone know the minimum inner-diameter needed for a wheel to clear the brakes on this car?
I had low air in one tire this morning (just stopped and topped it up from 30 to 38 ... not sure if there's a slow leak or if it had been low for awhile). With it being cold and icy outside (and my commute mostly 2 lane roads), I would rather not F around with the goop, and would prefer to have an actual spare tire that I could change.
My parents happen to have a few extra wheels from the Mercedes they had 20 years ago, it looks like it's the same bolt pattern and should fit (and the overall diameter is almost the same as well, surprisingly). Trouble is, it's a 15 inch wheel from 1989. Is there a diagram anywhere that I could look up to see if the brake caliper or other parts would interfere, or do I have to go out in the cold and measure it?

Thanks (if anyone answers this old thread I just hijacked)
I don’t think the 15 inch Mercedes wheels will work. Look for some used A4 wheels at your local junkyard. I found some from a 2006 that work ok.
Thanks, I guess a Mercedes wheel is a bad idea anyway, since the center hub diameter is larger than Audi's so the lug bolts would be taking all the weight.

I ended up finding a wheel from a 2007 A4 on eBay for $32 (including shipping) and a used tire for $35 ... cheaper than any used donut I could find on eBay :lol:

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