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Jul 12, 2014
Having heard about potential recall / service campaign issues regarding the 8V chassis, I paid a visit to my local Audi service department yesterday and while the issues regarding the service campaign - 37J3 for W-Software update of the Gearbox Control Unit affects some 1.4 Stronic models, it doesn't appear to affect my e-tron. Likewise, the recall #94H9 affecting the cooling of some 8V LED headlight units doesn't affect my e-tron.

However, there is a software issue that can cause the high voltage system to give an incorrect reading for the Air-conditioning system which in-turn doesn't allow the car to start. I have booked the car in for the "Workshop Action" to be carried out next month. The e-tron service engineer advised me that they have an update to apply to correct it. Apparently it doesn't take too long dependent on internet speeds into Audi Germany as they have completed one today that took around 45 minutes.

Audi UK called me to confirm that this is the only issue affecting my e-tron at the moment, which I thought was a good customer relations initiative on their part.
Just an update. I had the software update applied this afternoon and everything appears to have gone to plan. They also checked on ELSA for any outstanding product updates and found none.
Hi Jerry, had a similar issue, my E-tron refused to start, Audi have had it back for around 10 days now and no real idea what caused it, they tell me that they have reset the car to factory default and now running it to try and replicate the fault. They tel me there is no update release for the Audi, would be good to have more details on your solution?

In addition to the random would not start, the next day the car would not let me out without first locking and unlocking, also the MMI has randomly locked up and shut down a few times.
Hi Eddie, the work carried out referred to "Campaign 87E8 - Software update".
I hope this helps.

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