So much for BW 7!!!

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Jul 12, 2014
Had another long test dive today to get a realistic idea of the electric range of the e-tron. On typical day to day journeys, non motorway, I should get around 24 miles out of a full charge. That value covers heating and cooling which are both driven by the high voltage battery.

When I got home, I received a call to say that my e-tron (supposedly BW 7) was already at the dealership holding yard, so I'll go down and discuss preparation or more precisely non-preparation and delivery with them tomorrow. I'll aim for a week 1 or 2 delivery.

I'm still somewhat gob-smacked over the lack of communication between factory and dealership. I noticed that they had just taken delivery of another demonstrator and this one was in Scuba Blue. For a brief moment I thought it might have been mine, but there was no leather upholstery and it had a sunroof. (photos below will be almost identical to my Scuba Blue e-tron but without the sunroof and "e-tron" decals on the sides !

I guess they still have a few teething problems with their systems even though the e-tron is supposed to be built on the standard A3 Sprotback assembly line. Naughty Audi!

Aren't you lucky - bet you can't wait to take delivery.

Mine started bw8 and seem to have slipped back to 10/11, although the dealership say that they still do not have a firm build slot.

Perhaps Santa will do his magic over Christmas and deliver mine by reindeer ready for the new year :p

24 miles on electric only doesn't seem too bad with heater etc. that will do for most of my daily journeys. The heater really knocks knocks the range on the Leaf
I'd get the dealership to check the online status ASAP. I never had a firm build slot and it came as a big surprise to the salesman that mine was already here.
So when do you get the keys!? Fill us in!

Also, do all of the e-tron vehicles come with that large decal on the sides?
Early morning phone call from my dealer after his team meeting with management this morning. The Launch date for the e-tron is now the 17th January, not the 15th January as previously advised. However, as I had planned to drop the car into the detailler on the 15th for pickup on the 17th, the dealer will now drop the car off under trade plates and return it to the dealership on the 17th on my behalf. Audi won't release the registration number for any e-trons until the 17th. I guess I end up with two days extra Audi insurance and who knows, maybe the dealer will send other customers to a certain Aldershot based detailler in the future once he brings the finished product back to the dealership and they all see the difference in preparation :shock: .

Could have been worse :)

....and no, they don't come with e-tron decals on the side
Collected my e-tron back from the detailers yesterday. Unfortunately it was very overcast with a few flakes of snow but I'll post more photos another time. So far I'm very impressed with all the functionality, but will provide further insight after I have got to know her better.

Jerry, are those alloys your winter wheels? I believe you can't select these alloys as an option on the e-tron. Are the 16" or 17"?
Well spotted Leon, yes they are my winter wheels (205/50 R17 93H XL in 5-spoke Helica design). They were an option added to my order and therefore benefit from the full 3-year warranty.

The regular wheels are the 17” x 7.5J ‘15-spoke’ turbine design e-tron alloy wheels with 225/45 R17 tyres. They look good in the pictures, but what the pictures don't show is that they are diamond cut under a thick layer of iridescent clear-coat. I only noticed this when I was packing them away for the winter!

Looks stunning, you must be pleased!

Will be really interested to hear more about it as you get used to it
I've covered about 100 miles in the last couple of days, mostly smaller A roads and I've been getting about 22 miles out of a full charge with the climate control working full time in this cold weather. I tried to set the heating to come on this morning an hour before I wanted to depart only to find the car cold as ice. I later discovered that the clock was set to BST, hence the timer never kicked in.

On petrol, I'm averaging between 58-64 mpg but I'm still trying to understand all the functions that impact these figures in order to give accurate information to you all.

Charging has been easy. I have charged using my 32A home rapid charger. This takes just over two hours to charge the battery fully. I have also used the Audi supplied charging system which plugs into a standard UK 13A socket. This appears to charge at a 10A rate with the option to switch to a 5A rate. The 5A rate is useful in order to utilise the limited solar PV power generated at the moment as well as for users in countries who have capped power draw limits. Needless to say, the Audi supplied charging system comes with full timer control both by MMI and smartphone.

As usual this time of year, I regularly give my cars' 12v batteries a charge every month or so. I noticed that the e-tron's 12v was somewhat discharged (sitting in the dealers yard for a month) so this was soon rectified with a 14.7v charge. Unlike other A3s, the battery in in the back of the car next to the petrol tank. This is probably one reason why the petrol tank is pressurised and you have to wait after pressing the release button before the flap opens. The charging terminals are however in the front, negative on the bulkhead and positive inside the fuse box.
I have now been running my grey e-tron since 10 January. Managed to persuade Exeter Audi and Audi UK to release it a week before official release date. Fantastic car albeit the range needs to improve from 23 miles (await that software update I expect). Set myself up with charge cards for Pod Point and Ecotricity so lots of free electricity. Barely used any petrol at all. Fantastic.
Hi Simon, you refer to a software update. Is this hopeful speculation or something in the pipeline? My mileage hasn't been great but I've put it down to cold weather and A-road/motorway driving. Overall though I'm impressed.
Little bit of hope and a side comment my dealer made. All dealer vehicles have been getting about 23 mile range. V consistent. Love the car myself and charged it at a free public charging point today in a Exeter whilst I was at a meeting. It's the future.