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Jul 7, 2020
Hello from California, I’ve owned my A3 for almost a year now and add a 10,000 miles, I was hoping to take a winter trip to the snow. Where I live that it hasn’t snowed since 2002 so I don’t have much experience driving in the snow. I was wondering if any of you guys have any recommendations or experience using your A3 Etron in the snow. How does the car perform when it is actively snowing? What is the traction on snow/ice? I understand that the car is front wheel drive, does anyone have problems with us?
Snow driving is a lot about tires; get a pair of snow tires or chains if you need them.

Generally, my experience with the a3 is sub par in snow. I'm from New England, so. The weight distribution is not ideal - heavy in back bc of the battery, but front wheel drive. Then there's the god awful anti skid "feature" which pulls power away from a slipping tire .... like both of your front tires as you try to start uphill from a light in snow. I turn that thing off on snow usually.

The good component in snow is the gear paddles, which you can use to engine brake.