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Feb 1, 2022
Does anyone have a service manual available for the USA market 2018 model year A3 eTron?

If I don't find one by next week, I plan on getting a one-day subscription to ERWIN and downloading the service manuals for my car. While I have this subscription, I can download a manual for each of the model years (at least of the USA market car). I will share them here afterwards.

I think it's $35USD to buy a 24hr subscription that lets you download .pdf of literally any Audi that was ever sold in (NAR) North America. Be sure to grab "wiring" (in separate sub-section from the regular repair manuals - at least it is/was at the analogous VW site.)

Thanks dnattig, for the tip on the erWin subscription. I went ahead and got the one day pass for $35 and over the two day downloaded all the sections, TSB's and Wiring for my 2017 A3. Some of this will be over my head, but reading a section before going to the repair shop at lest allows me to speak the language. As I likely will own this A3 for 10 years I am sure this will be valuables in many way.
Worth joining the Forum just for this tip.