Service Action 93D2 - High Voltage Battery check/replacement

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Aug 5, 2019
I received Service Action 93D2 - to inspect the High Voltage battery and replace it if found to have corrosion if a bonded seam is leaky.

- If you have a 2016 A3 e-tron, did you also get this notice?

- Did anybody actually see a High Voltage warning light on the dashboard and was this the reason?

- Did anybody had this service done? Was the High Voltage battery replaced?

It would be nice to get a fresh, better HV battery. But never a fan of having half the car to be taken apart - can result to future quality issues. Also, the letter says the owner is responsible for diagnosis and repair cost associated with these other, unrelated conditions...

I found this was an issue for 2015 models also: ... il.136852/

In this german forum a photo was posted: ... 8&start=20

There also was a recall for e-tron SUV with similar sounding issue: ... tery-pack/

I have a 2016 and received the recall notice. I did not have a HV warning light on in my car (I did have that light a few months after I bought it). At that time, they had my car for two months to try and figure out the issue. They thought the battery was bad due to moisture being present on the battery. Since it was brand new, batteries were hard to find. They located one in New Jersey, the truck carrying the new battery was involved in an accident and the truck flipped. Audi deemed the battery unusable so they were going to have one sent via cargo ship from Germany. Higher up people from Audi were sent in to look at my car and that's when they said my battery was okay, and they thought the moisture was just wax and build up burning off since it was new. I never had a problem with my battery after that.

Fast forward to present day. I took my car in for the recall. The said my battery showed signs of corrosion and it needed to be replaced. My dealership never checked to make sure batteries were in stock and guess what? They were out of stock. Due to COVID, they had no idea when a battery would be available. I was not allowed to have my car back since the old battery was corroded. The dealership had my car for 8 weeks and 6 days! It was just crazy, you really can't make this stuff up.

Now I have a fresh new battery. I have 22 miles when charged with the new battery, my old battery would never go past 18 miles.
Left mine with the nearest dealer (140 miles one way) today. They told me to expect a minimum of 4 days (if only the casing needs to be changed, up to several weeks for full battery change (since they can't trust battery shipping times due to COVID). I'm in a 2019 A3 sedan loaner for the duration.