Second charging cable for work

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Yup that will connect to the etron's standard j1772 plug. Keep in mind a couple things: it'll take a full 8 hour shift to charge and pre-heating/cooling wont go over 110volt, it uses the battery so kills some range. But understandable, it's not easy to get a 240v hookup at work.
I use this charging cable at work at 120V - and this cable unit charges a lot faster than the Audi charger: it recharges fully in about 3.5hrs!

It however is not considered waterproof (but it does have rubber/silicone seals - ok in rain, just don't put the box in a puddle) and I don't think it is officially UL rated.

This charger allows 15-16A at 120V, so it delivers 1900W. The total max energy per charge is about 6.5kWh (for my 2016 A3).

The Audi charger caps the current at 10A and actual current I have seen is 9A, so only charges at 1000W, and that means a full 6.5kWh charge takes 6.5 hours (which is fine at nights).

I have however also seen the Audi charger run at 15A on 120V lately - not sure yet why that happens.

PS: I peranently capture charging information using power metering systems.