Screen does not retract in 2018 e-trons?!

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Jan 10, 2016
Is it the case that on Canadian (and US) 2018 e-trons the MMI screen does not retract when driving?* Can you confirm, dispel, or fix this problem? I am thinking of upgrading a lease from a 2016 to a 2018. However, the screen competes visually with the great Virtual Cockpit.

Also, any known issues with the 2018s? My 2016 has been rock solid.

Thanks for your thoughts.

*I was told that Transport Canada determines that a backup camera on a retractable screen must popup within 2 sec. Apparently, Audi isn't up to speed here.
Hi Silverdawg

The MMI screen for the 2018 model can be retracted while driving. Push the “screen down/up” control switch found on the console just above the right side AC control button. The screen will pop up if the car is put into reverse and/or if the front or rear sensors are activated. For example, whenever I drive into my garage the screen pops up and lets me know I am approaching some object at the side or in front of the car!! The screen will pop up if you select Navigation system or any of the other MMI control switches. I agree the Virtual Cockpit with the Nav display is awesome. I have had my car almost a year now (20,000 kms) and no issues whatsoever.
Thank you for your encouraging reply. I forgot a detail in my initial post and that this "restriction" is on e-trons made in the May 2018 run and later. I'll check again with the dealer. And glad to hear your 2018 has been good; enjoy!
Hmm. I have a Canadian 2018 that I got in September, and I have not been able to retract the screen using the screen up/down button. When I press it, the screen goes black, but remains up - I hadn't got around to checking whether this was normal, as it doesn't bother me much, but if it's actually malfunctioning, I'd like to get it up to spec.
It's likely not a malfunction, but the issue I describe above. I spoke to the Audi head mechanic/shop foreman and they said that the non-retractable screens are showing up on more of their vehicles and there's no software override at this point (or at least one that he'd admit to). I think the screen detracts from the clean Audi aesthetic that I like so much. Thank the nanny-state mentality of the CDN government (?).
I took my eTron into Audi for a service today and I got a new Q7 as a loaner... same issue, the screen ‘retract’ button I’m used to had a different graphic and it would only turn the screen black, not retract. It would retract when you switched off the car though, so that’s just strange why it needs to stay up while you are driving!!!