Removing the US License plate holder/installing euro plates

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Dec 6, 2016
Someone PM'ed me about removing the front license plate holder and I decided to post the solution. It was actually quite easy, but took me awhile to form a game plan. Once I did, I started hacking :p

One thing I realized was that this plate holder cant be removed by brute force. I tried! The clips are an engineering masterpiece. You would likely need to do damage to the bumper or the plastic piece that needs to stay for the euro plate mount. The other option is to remove the whole grill. Eff that.

1. order stuff from
2. Get a 5/8-1" spade drill bit or hole saw
3. Destroy the clips
4. The End. See pics.

Didi you use the space drill bit? The tip of the bit won't damage the grill?