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Jan 2, 2017
Hi all! I am 3 wks in and loving my e-Tron . My question is this:. The manual says not to charge when you are above 98℅. So if I am plugged in and fully charged and I turn on the a/c to warm up the car (I live in Boston) won't the car use a little and then start charging again, potentially starting to charge above 98℅?
I want to take the best care of my e-Tron, but also want to take advantage of the remote warm-up... so what do you think?
I haven't really looked at the "don't charge above 98%". I just plug it in at night, and when charging is complete, it turns off anyway.

As for remote conditioning, yes having it plugged in is required if you don't want to run down your battery. I'd say don't over-think it. Just plug it in in the evening, and set a timer to warm/cool for 15 minutes before you leave in the morning.