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Nov 22, 2014
is it possible to regulate the current adsorption of the home (slow) charge?

I.E., to fix a limit of 10A?

I've a 3kW home limit, that means (at 220 europe voltage), about 14A. I need to limit the overnight charge to 10A,in order to avoid overloads (for instance, if refrigerator/lights are switched on).


Hi Andrea, congratulations on the e-Tron!

How do you like it? How long have you had it?
I'm from the USA, so I can only admire from a distance until the A3 e-tron gets to North America in 2015...

I know the Nissan Leaf has a smartphone app that allows you to set charging presets - although you can't specifically set the kW provided, you can at least tell it to charge the Leaf to X%.

I imagine there would be a smart EVSE that would allow that sort of specification - but all I know is from this side of the pond...
Hi Klaus,
thank-you for your reply.

I'm not (yet? ;) ) an e-tron owner, I'm collecting informaton to evaluate ..

I was contacted today by Audi for a Test Drive, I'll let you know...

If you have any question/curiosity, ask me: I'll ask to the dealer or verify.

Hi Andrea.

Just back from another 2-hour test drive of an e-tron. Needed to keep me happy until mine turns up in March!

I was considering your charging issue and thought that this type of charger might help:
At least you could ask them the question directly.

  • It appears that the charging current can be changed in 3 and 5 steps
    * 16A - 13A - 10A - 8A - 6A
    * Start charging current 10 A
    * Automatical reduction of charging current at over-temperature

It doesn't however state if the change is automatic or can be selected manually.

I hope this helps.
That's exactly what I need, thank-you Jerry! :D

Hope Audi charge dock (E63) do the same... :?:

March is not so far... your config?
Hi Andrea,
On top of the UK basic spec, I have opted for the following:

  • Milano leather
    Electric lumbar support
    Interior lighting package
    Non smoking package
    Storage and luggage package
    Aluminium roof rails
    Electrically adjusting, folding and heated door mirrors
    Hold assist
    Parking system plus
    Audi sound system

I had another 2 hour test drive yesterday which confirmed that the 18" alloys don't suit the roads around where I live as they transmit too much noise into the cabin. Also, the sun roof means my head touches the roof so that was always going to be a no no. I have another test drive being set up and will use that to check out the settings on the MMI and hopefully manage to borrow an owners user manual for a day or two (probably pretty big going by the size of a VW Polo manual).

Here are a few photos taken on my phone at the end of the test drive:

I'll see if I can find out anything more about the Audi charge dock.

Cheers, Jerry.
Hi Andrea,
Reading through the Owner's Manual, there is a menu driven facility on the Audi Charging System to limit the charging current to 50%. "The operating unit automatically detects the voltage and the available amp rating."


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