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Nov 18, 2015

I'm evaluating A3 e-tron and I have some technical questions that current owners could answer. I've tried to get answers from a local Audi dealer, without much success.

The first question is: is there a mode in which the thermal engine recharges the battery while driving or is the battery only recharged by power outlet and kinetic energy conversion while braking? I'm asking this because I'd prefer not to install any charging station at home and just use the public outlets once in a while.

About these outlets: is there a definitive guide online somewhere (I live in northern Italy)? Are they all the same or different cables/outlets exist?

Thank you for your precious help,

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The A3 PHEV eTron has multiple driving modes, and one of them allows you to recharge while driving.

In this PDF on the Audi USA website, it says

No plug? Recharge on the go
Charge Battery mode is the perfect mode when you have longer highway drives between two cities. You can start driving in EV mode, charge on the highway (ideally above 60 mph) and then switch back to EV mode upon exiting. ... pdated.pdf
Oh, and also, instead of installing a charging system at home, the A3 comes with a charging cable to plug into a household outlet. It takes a long time, but would be worthwhile to plug into overnight and 'trickle charge' your battery pack to start with some EV power in the morning.
Seems like it is a bad idea to use expensive Petrol to recharge the battery, you would do better with a non plug in hybrid, it terms of cost and function. It takes 8 hours to charge the battery at 110v, 2 hours 15 at 240v. Having 17 us miles pure electric really gets the average fuel economy up. Non Phev gas milage is in the 36 mpg range, and almost drops in half when charging the battery.