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Jan 15, 2023
Hello, my name is Petar, I'm from Croatia. It's about my Audi A3 2016 sportback hybrid battery warranty of 8 years. I was sending mail to my local dealer (btw I'm the third owner of the car) just to see what procedure with 8 years warranty on hybrid battery goes. In last month my battery range suddenly fall from 35 km's to 25 km's. I asked dealer is there a possibility to test the battery, they said yes, it's 120 EUR and I will pay that if battery is above warranty level or they will pay if battery is below level. My question is - did somebody went to dealer asking for hybrid battery test and if they had battery below level, what's the procedure? Do they replace failed cells or if level is way low, will replace whole battery? If somebody do the test, please reply.

Thanks, Petar