Please state max mile range listed after charge on US etron

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Jan 21, 2017
Hi, I'm a new 2016 A3 E Tron owner and new to the forum. This site is a great tool and you fellow participants have included some great insight.

What I'd like to know is after you have fully charged your US E Tron what estimated range shows. This is not a question of what range or mileage you're actually getting on the road but just what your car is telling you on the screen before you hit the road.

This was another OP's post on a different forum site and I thought it could be helpful here as well. From my research it seems like most owners are listing numbers like 24, 26, 29 even 31.

I've only had mine for about a month and every time I charge it at home on 120v it only shows a 20 mile range. One time at an outside location and a 240 v charger it showed 21 miles range. I understand it's winter months and here in Indianapolis some days it's been 16° and then a couple days later it's as high as even 50°. The difference in temperature does not affect my range listed. I have also tried to make sure that the climate control and all functions are off prior to turning the car off and starting the charge to see if this would affect it, it did not. Since the car has so low miles on it I've been treating it very well and driving pretty darn slow even know it's challenging not to hit that pedal sometimes.

Let me know your thoughts out there and if I may have a problem with my battery or some other issue.
Thank You!
When temps are below 50°F as they have been here for the past few months, I see 21-22 miles generally, maybe as high as 24 if the garage got nice and warm. Last fall when temps were warmer, 26-28 were typical, the highest I saw was 31.
Thank you both for the feedback. Sounds like I'm pretty close to what Arne mentioned with similar temperatures. It was almost 60° this last day and it got up to 22, woo hoo.. haha
I'm in Houston so the temps don't stay cold very long. I've seen 24 rarely and 20 rarely. Usually 22 miles is what I see.

I actually get 16-17 miles.
Mine usually says 23 or 24. Once or twice 25. I don't really worry about electric range. Would have guessed 18. The OBC said 59.9 mpg this evening, although my results are skewed by a long road trip when I first purchased it.
My 2017's electric range shows anything from 22 to 27 (which is the highest I've ever seen it). I'm in a mild climate and my car is garaged.

The image is from yesterday. I've got up to 32 miles on the display. Real world max would be 24 miles on EV mode. 31 or 32 IS accurate if you drive in hybrid mode and consider that figure as emission free miles, which may include electric, coasting and energy captured from regenerative braking. For example, my round trip commute to work is 56 miles and the computer calculates the trip (most of the time) as being 57% emission free.