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Oct 30, 2014
I ordered my e-tron on August 28th, although I haven't been given a specific build week I am hoping for delivery by 1st March - rather wait 'til then than pick it up half way through Feb.

The cables for the dealership charging points were being laid earlier this week, so I am hoping to get my hands on one for an hour or two next month.

Any advice on home charging points? I see that Rolec are offering free installation.

Hi Sue,
It looks like I got in just before you! I received a provisional build week of week 7 2015.

I have a 32amp Rolec fast charging point at home that I had installed when I had my solar panels installed. The government coughed up for the basic charger and I added a little to get the 32A version over the standard 16A version, so all ready and waiting.

Went for another test drive yesterday, just checking that I hadn't changed my mind :lol:
Definitely not. Looks like my build week may have slipped a bit, latest estimate is week 10 or 11, so probably won't arrive until April. Apparently orders taken now are for July next year?

I have my Rolec fast charger installed.

I had my Rolec 32 amp box fitted free through the OLEV scheme. Contacted Rolec and they put me in touch with their local contractor, all went smoothly.

It does looks like you can buy them online - don't know what theese are like but here is a link:

http://www.greenagesolutions.co.uk/Manu ... Rolec.aspx

I had a socket rather than tethered cable installed as I am currently driving a Nissan Leaf while I wait for my e-tron, and need something that will charge both.

Despite the e-tron only drawing up to 16A, my Rolec unit functioned perfectly when topping up the demonstrator e-tron last week so no worries about compatibility :D
I am done waiting for a lease quote. I told my salesperson that will I cancel my order on Saturday if no firm and reasonable lease number is available. My dealer has been great and is happy to have my red Etron in stock, but I have been waiting since mid August. My $1,000 deposit will be refunded. To complicate matters, the buyer I had for my 2013 CMax energi backed out. UPDATE Went to dealer. They worked to save the deal! In case you are looking, the Etron arrives November 30 at Asheville, NC Audi. It is a red premium plus With the Tech package. $46,100 sticker. The dealer was great but has no idea when lease numbers would be out. They also thought my projections were low. I cancelled the deal and they refunded my deposit. I recommend the dealer without reservation.