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I got my e-tron at the end of Feb '16, and I'm still waiting.
The problem is timing for me. The incentive changed just a couple of weeks before I got my car and, according to MTO, they haven't updated their systems for these updates.
I've been told I should get the rebate within the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.
For you it should be much faster. I've read someone getting their rebate within 6 weeks, under the old program.
My rebate cheque arrived last week. 19 weeks from the delivery (I submitted the documents electronically as quickly as possible back on the first week of December 2016).
During the wait I called service Ontario a couple times to enquire about the charger rebate, and each time they gave me a rough idea of what weeks rebates they were working on -and apologies that they were dealing with more than anticipated demand. Luckily I hadn't banked on a quick turn around, but four and a half months sure smacks of terrible government inefficiency and lethargic paper pushers... :/

I applied a few days after I took delivery in mid-March. I would be happy if I had the cash before July but am not holding my breath.

We took delivery first week of January and applied a few weeks after. Still waiting, haven't received anything yet. We emailed them end of Feb, and at that point they were working on applications received late Nov 2016.

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