Official EPA mileage estimates released

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Nov 13, 2015
The EPA estimates are finally out, and in my opinion they are pretty bad. But the confusing thing is that they list two models. They are:

A3 e-tron with MPGe of 83, city/combined/highway MPG of 33/35/37, and electric range of 16 miles
A3 e-tron ultra with MPGe of 86, city/combined/highway MPG of 37/39/41, and electric range of 17 miles

The "ultra" is pretty close to the C-Max and I could live with that, but what is it? If any one has an answer as to what these two models are please let us know.
I just can't get over the figures given for economy. Even driving around Ireland during the summer (A/C switched on all the time) I managed to average 55 mpg over 1,700 miles and that is without charging the battery :eek:

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