NO Apple Car Play/Android Auto for 2017 Premium base models

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Nov 9, 2015
Dealership informed me that, despite the manufacture specs, that the 2017 DOES NOT have Apple Car Play or Android auto. Will this change with an update? I've heard that some e-trons are stuck at Port for some fixes, and was wondering if this was part of the reason?
It is not a standard feature, so no. It is part of the Technology pkg only available on Premium plus or Prestige trim levels.
It is a standard feature on all 2017 models except this one. In fact, it was stated on Audi's website that this was the case, but now apparently it has been removed. I thought a few people reported that their models had it though.
It's definitely not standard on the premium, only available on Prem + with technology pkg and prestige. And even on those, the first few months of production don't have it, so they credit the window sticker $150.