Next Track button on steering wheel not working

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New member
Feb 11, 2020
I just got a used 2017 A3 Etron and found out too late that the Next Track button doesn't work.
It works fine to push the Volume Knob (next to the shifter) to the right.

I can feel the button clicking when I press it but nothing happens. Is there any way to reset this or re-program a different button for this function?
Do you know where I could find a replacement button?
Would this be covered under Warranty? I'm still under 50K

Any help would be appreciated.
On my 2015 the * button is programmable for different functions. If you dive into the settings via the Menu you should find that.
mrsassy":3nvlegtv said:
My 2017 has some options for programming the * button but Next Track is not a choice.

If you scroll down to the next page of settings there should one there called "Skip forwards".