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Jun 7, 2019
Bought a 2018 A3 e-Tron Prem Plus about 6 weeks ago. LOVE the car...makes my commute in LA a bit more tolerable. Now that I've been driving and learning the car for a while, there are a few small things I have questions about:

1. If I hop out to check the mailbox when I get home, it shuts off. I would assume this is for fuel/battery conservation. It is a bit annoying since I'm just out of the car for 5-10 seconds and have to restart to drive the final 100' to my house. Any way around this? Probably not, but figured I'd ask.

2.) When wearing polarized sunglasses, the windshield appears to be a bit hazy and there are some major purple/green colors that appear when looking at certain angles or colors. I've gotten used to it, but don't experience this with my wife's car or my previous car. Anyone else?

3.) When I start the car, the Connection Manager screen pops up and I either have to plug in my phone for Apple Car Play or hit cancel to make it go away. Seems like there should be a way to tell the car not to worry about this. Do I just need to plug my phone in before I start the car?

That's it. As I said, just some small stuff. I've really fallen in love with the car and also with Audi in general. Pretty sure my next car (for me or my wife) will be an Audi.
1. I find this annoying too. And I don't know how to turn this off. I think if you switch to a different mode like Hold or Hybrid I think it keeps the car on.

2. The glass effect depends on the polarization in your sunglasses. Mine have little to no effect in my e-tron(Serengeti glass Driver lens), but in other cars or rental cars it can be bad. Sometimes when I look at other windshields I see a geometric pattern on the other windshield and can't see in the car at all. Try different polarized sunglasses in your car. I know that different sunglasses use different types of polarization. I remember 10-15 years ago many polarized sunglasses couldnt' see the screen or digital displays in BMW's unless you turned your head sideways. I know Oakley Polarized, especially the new Prizm lenses seem to have less blackout/psychadelic effect on their polarization.

3. I don't have this at all. I have a 2016 without Car Play and I don't have the dongle plugged in.

I live in LA too. If you don't have your HOV sticker yet, do it right away, it took me 3 months.
3) I think that screen pops up if you were in car play when shutting the car off after your last drive. As you mentioned - if you plug it in before starting the car it probably wont show.

1) i think there are no way around this (except maybe by fiddling with the electronics).
It's more of a security system so you don't forget to turn off your car when you leave it.

I often experienced ppl forgetting to turn off their cars (and they just had the auto stop/start function).

The only way i found is to turn on the ICE, but there is clearly no point in doing that.