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Jul 15, 2017
Can someone please explain why when ordering a new etron sportback you cannot get any info about mileage, Audi just says TBD. How can I order a $49000+ vehicle and not know that critical information. Also very vague info on production status and when this car will arrive.
There are theories out there in other threads. Some hope this delay indicates a bigger battery and higher range are coming, but my dealer says no. I have a different theory. I ordered a 2018 in July to arrive in Oct. Now, I am being told that because of "factory construction" build will be delayed to late January with delivery in March. I believe Audi is holding back to see what the current US govt does about tax "reform." The govt needs to fund some big tax cuts that they promised the rich donors and what better place to cut than silly credits to reduce emissions based on a Chinese hoax called global warming. If those cuts are made, the etron will get an effective $4K price hike. With that, an already low seller will not be worth producing and it will be withdrawn from the US market. The 2018's haven't been tested by the EPA because Audi hasn't made and delivered them any, waiting to see how the tax credit comes out. IMHO.
There is no way I would have Leased this car without the Rebates. Msrp was approx 48750$. A similarly equipped prem plus A3 sedan is 40725$. My rebates were around 6K (1500 in so cal) and you are still paying a 2K premium. If the federal rebates go away, they wont sell one unless they slash prices.

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