My A3 is beginning to guzzle an insane amount of gas

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May 28, 2020
New owner as of last April of a 2016 Etron.

When I bought it, the gas range was pretty on point. If it said I had 150 miles, sure enough Id be able to drive for 150.

Then in August, it all changed after I took it in for a tuneup. Now if my car range says 150, its only worth 90 or 100. Thats a big price break. I took it back to Audi twice to diagnose it, but they found no defect, leak, or anything.

My only theory is that I changed the gas I was using to fill up. Originally, I was using 89 regular for a few months until I realized it takes 91-95 gas. I started filling up with 91 as around the same time as that tuneup, and thats when the Audi began guzzling gas.

Any other theories? Kind of sucks to pay for premium gas that burns up 35% more.
I also have a 16 e-tron and always used 91 octane here in AZ. I've never tried using mid-grade. Have you noticed any drive ability issues since it started? Like hesitation or lower power? It's kind of hard to get a true mpg rating when it's using the motor and engine simultaneously. Unless you constantly turn off electric every time you drive
No hesitation, no low power. I always hold electric when driving, if its not fully charged

Drives great, just burns up fuel.
Sounds to me like you're always charging the battery with the ICE. There's something off if it's using that much fuel. When I drive on long trips (meaning mainly on gas only) I get around 350 miles on a tank. I've always used 91+ octane.