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Jun 6, 2016
My current version:

MMI: MHIG US AU P2016 ; Navigation database : V03959800TA 0054 NAR 2016/2017

Audi should ADD the Navigation version online so owners will know WHEN to download an update.

This map update is 15Gb .Download from My Audi , My Vehicle . Installation can be done while you're driving.I didn't want to mess up,so I remained parked.I didn't notice when I started the update,but allow for about an hour - two.
I didn't update the whole continent, only the western half where I am. The various regions are available in separate downloads, and can be installed separately as well. In my case it was two 1.2GB downloads. Maybe 15 minutes each to install. One note - if you are doing separate chunks, each chunk must be installed separately, and you can only have one download at a time on the SD card.
I just downloaded the whole thing. I figured I might drive to Bermuda some day. :)

Not sure how long it took to install but it didn't seem as long as I originally thought it would, maybe less than an hour. It installed in the background (you can even use the Nav system while it installs the update) so it was pretty painless. I like the fact that I can do my own update for no additional charge.

All in all, I like the Nav system. I really like Google Maps on my phone, but this is pretty close. One thing from Google Maps I was missing was the information about which lane I should be in for an upcoming turn. But then I noticed that the Driver Information System (DIS) on the dash showed similar information. The lady's voice is annoying, though. She keeps saying "In-tar-state ten". I finally just shut her off.