MMI Loss of saved radio tone settings

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Jul 8, 2016
I've had my etron just over 2 months. All is good except the saved radio tone control settings seem to reset back to factory default after a few days for no reason.

Alternatively, when I plug in my iPhone 5s and select it as "media" source for music (which I rarely do...prefer Sirius) the tone settingS show as flat "0". Then when you switch back to radio as the source, the saved tone settings reappear.

Everything else seems ok with MMI.

Has anyone else had an issue with vanishing tone settings (base, treble, subwoofer, surround)?

I spoke to my service adviser at Audi and he claims there isn't a known issue but he could hook up the car and scan for error code.
Each of the "modes" (FM, AM, Sirius, Media) have their own setup.
You'll need to set each independently.
I've encountered an issue with mine though. There are times when the sound system settings revert back to default after a long stint of being parked and plugged in (waiting to be or already charged). I've raised this with the service team at Audi when I got my 8k oil change. They did some diagnostics and checked the CPU and found nothing. But I was told to let them know if it happens again.
This issue is rare, and has happened only a hand-full times since I've had my e-tron in late Feb (2016).