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Mar 19, 2016
I just saw an A3 go by while cutting my lawn, I think it was an e-tron but missed catching the license plate to confirm.

Then the idea crossed my mind, anyone in the central South Western Ontario area interested in a meet-up this summer? I'd be open to anyone in Ontario joining, but Toronto is a bit of a hike to my area. I'm thinking realistically Milton - Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph - Woodstock - Hamilton range (i'm in the middle of that, in Guelph).

Open to suggestions, not sure if there's even many of you in my area on this forum.

It's a great idea.
I'm not in your area (I'm east of Toronto) and probably won't be able to join the fun.
I've had the opportunity to meet a few other E-tron owners over the past year. And it's been good to talk to them about their thoughts and experiences with the car.
If ever there's a Plug 'n Drive event in your area, you should check it out. Our cars are one of least known PHEV's out there and plenty of people ask about me questions and are very impressed with the style.

The past couple of days I've seen 4 other e-trons on the road that I've not seen before. 2 were 2016 MY red, 1 black (drove past on the hwy so I couldn't tell what MY) and the other a 2017 grey model.
I still would like to meet the owner of the white 2016 that parks in the same lot as me one day.

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