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Aug 25, 2016
My wife and I have only had our e-tron for 4 days, and we've both agreed that about the only thing about the car that we don't like is the wheels. The 17" 15-spoke turbines are way too busy and bulky looking, and a bear to clean as well.

So we are wanting some additional inspiration here. If you've changed to other wheels on your car, either 17" or 18", please post pictures and details (brand, model, size, offset) here. Especially on darker colors. I've seen the pics of the car of member 5x112, but it would be great if we knew the details on those wheels too.

This might be a thread that could keep going for a while as more people join up. Looking forward to ideas.
Well, we made a decision and did it. Audi R8 replicas, silver paint with machined and clear coated face. Specs:

17x7.5 (same size as stock)
et 35 (16mm less offset than stock, fills fenders better but does not protrude)
23.0 lbs each (10.5 kg, 3.5 lbs. lighter than stock)

Nice! Those are good looking. Makes your car a little more unique (though I think just having an e-tron to begin with is pretty unique - I've never seen another on the road).
Agreed, I'm certain ours is the only one in Eugene. But the original wheels just didn't do it for us. These are much better in our opinion. Going to try to sell the originals now, if they don't sell will put winter tires on them.

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