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Jul 31, 2016
We snowbirds are leaving our e-Tron home for the winter. 6-7 mos. do we leave it plugged in? We called the dealer and could not find anyone who knew anything about it. We don't have the nav so remote controlling is out. Any clues would be helpful. We are on the plane tomorrow.
Hook up a quality intelligent charger to the 12V battery, something in the CTEK range would be ideal. You really no NOT want the 12V battery going flat on an e-tron!
This might be after your departure but in the US, you don't need nav to remotely set the charge timer, etc.

The app and remote control works on Premium E-trons that don't have the nav option. Search through the forums to find out who the right folks are at Audi to set things up. You will need your VIN though to get it all working.

Edit - here are a couple of forums that might help setting things up. See bruintoo's posts.
Leaving the HV battery plugged in with a scheduled regular charge may be wise, but only if you take care of the 12V battery as all the control systems run off the 12V system and that has a tendency to discharge in a matter of weeks rather than months. I have been quite alarmed at how low the state of charge of the 12V battery has become on several occasions. I now hook it up to a smart charger every month.