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Jul 15, 2021
Hi all

First posting here.

I have recently bought a 2015 A3 e-tron which is a great car, but on registering at the TFL congestion zone site it seems that the A3 e-tron is not exempt, although it seems to qualify with less than 75g/km Co2 emissions, greater than 20 mile electric range, and is a plugin hybrid. The specs suggest that the engine also qualifies under the Euro 6 standard.

Can anyone explain why the A3 e-tron is not exempt, and has anyone challenged this with Transport for London?

Thanks for any comment on this.

As an addendum to the above message, every review I have read about the car before and after buying it states or suggests that the A3 e-tron is exempt from the charge.

There is a change coming in October when exemptions will no longer include PHEVs but only apply to fully electric vehicles, but this shouldn't apply yet.

just looked at this... if you go direct to the application site, all vehicles seem to have the same charge. I tested pure electric and fully petrol, and all had the same charge.

However the found that you have to apply separately for the Cleaner Vehicle discount

I haven't actually tried as I'm not planning to drive into central London, and registration looks pretty complicated and you have to setup an account 1st.

good luck
Hi - thanks - I discovered this after my posting above. I applied for the discount successfully with a copy of the V5. However it looks like it will change in October and hybrids will no longer qualify, with only pure electric vehicles getting the discount.