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Jan 29, 2017
Anyone here got a picture of their e-tron with a front licence plate on that is registered in BC, Canada?

There is information on the ICBC website that you have to have a front one if it has been issued. Seems a shame as it is likely to look a little silly as our plates don't conform to the European size.

Simply google images of a3 e-trons in Ontario. We have to have a front plate here. Wish we didn't though, the car looks so much nice without them.
Front plates are always required here in BC on regular passenger vehicles. Remember that ICBC is the same government bureaucracy that doesn't have more than five color choices in their vehicle registration system, so I won't expect them to allow us to remove the front plate like Alberta. Half of the year it's covered in dirt and dust if you live anywhere outside of Vancouver, so I don't understand... but anyway. Here's a picture of an e-tron from Ontario:


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