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Mar 19, 2016
It looks like this winter I'll be charging on a standard outlet until I can set up a new circuit in the spring. However I read something online regarding L1 vs L2 charging which I'm concerned about but don't know if it applies to the ETRON. The website said that features like cabin warming may not work while charging at L1. Anyone know if that is the case with this vehicle?
I charge my e-tron at home overnight with the domestic outlet charger and I use the Aux A/C to warm or cool before I set off.

It works OK at 240v but that may be different at 110v.
In UK and Europe where we don't refer to L1 or L2, most, if not all e-tron charging is carried out at 230-250 VAC. The overriding factor that affects whether or not pre-conditioning will work comes down to the maximum current available at the above voltage range.

The provided Audi EVSE has the ability to switch between 50% and 100% of the maximum input current.

The EVSE can be connected to single or three phase supplies and it is the input cable to the EVSE that signals to the e-tron charging circuitry what maximum current is available.

A standard UK domestic socket will provide a maximum continuous current of 10A which can be reduced to a charging current of 5A by selecting 50% on the EVSE.

Similarly, the EVSE can be connected to a 16A or 32A "commado" type socket, single or 3-phase which will provide a charging current of 16A (e-tron maximum) or again reduced to 8A by selecting 50% on the EVSE.

I know that pre-conditioning works at 8A, 10A and 16A but am unsure about 5A.

I guess North American owners may have similar functionality, again dependent upon the input cable to the Audi supplied EVSE.