Just got a great deal on a 2017 e-tron but not sure why

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Dec 7, 2016
I just turned in my tdi and was looking for an etron. The prices at dealers couldn't match the price I got from a car buying service. But my car was held in port for radiator fix and didn't have smartphone interface so I was in the position of having to order yet another car. I called around and gave dealers the price I wanted to pay. Only one dealer met my price (actually lower), They looked up my VIN number for tdi and told me that I was eligible for $5000 off if I got a loan from Audi credit. I did and the best part is that it was for a $10Kl amount and I can pay it all back after 3payments without any pre-payment penalty. I like to pay cash for my cars. I don't know the name of the $5000 incentive or what Audi models qualify for this incentive, but it is worth asking if you are re-buying an Audi. I got the 5K off, then the 1K loyalty incentive plus $600 off first months payment so total incentives were $6600. I am shocked, didn't think it was real, but concluded the deal today with paperwork on the way. Bought from an out of state dealer.
I am in the same boat. We have a 2012 TDI we are returning to VW. I didn't follow where the $5k came from in your deal. Why did Audi give you that $5k? Was it the VW buy back amount?

Also, would like to know which car buying service you used. I hate walking into dealerships. Need a 30min shower afterward to wash it off.
I am in California, buying service is called Car Intelligent. The $5000 off had to do with getting a loan from Audi credit and your Vin # being shown (to them) as an eligible Vin #. I just turned in my A3 tdi. So just to be clear the $5k had nothing to do with the buyback.
My understanding is that it is a $1000 rebate if you are financing thru Audi and you own a specific vehicle (hence the VIN#). If you got $5k, mozeltov.
I got the $5k off and then also the 1K off for being a repeat Audi customer which had nothing to do with getting a loan. When I get the paperwork, if it has the name of the promotion/incentive (5K), I will post it.
I was at a local dealer in Burlingame, Ca. Took my first test drive. Wasn't thrilled, but my wife was. So end of discussion. When we got down to business, they would take ~5% off MSRP. I was not impressed, especially when I heard stories on this forum of 10% off.

Was also amazed at how ignorant the salesmen are. I mentioned the missing 'Charge Mode' in the 2017's. Was assured by two different sales guys that it was not true. The shop guy said the same thing. One guy even tried to demonstrate on an R8 where the 'Charge Mode' was. Couldn't find it. During the test drive of the e-tron , he realized it wasn't there either. 'Huh, was there on 2016s".

Anyway, do you think the 'Season of Audi' which ends in a few days, actually represents savings? Do the those rebates really go away?

Finally, am sure this is a complicated one. Anyone know whether new cars purchased outside of California but registered here, are eligible for the CA $1500 hybrid rebate?
I am also in N Ca. I was using a car buying service called Car Intelligent (Chris Miller/Sausalito) I ordered a 2017 with premium plus and technology package which came from Audi Burlingame's allocation. The price quoted to me was $43,300 before the $1000 rebate for rebuying an audi. In the end I got a car from Seattle because the car I ordered has been sitting in the port awaiting radiator repairs and was missing Apple CarPlay. Yes you can get the 1500 rebate in CA because that is the state you will be registering the car.
Finally, am sure this is a complicated one. Anyone know whether new cars purchased outside of California but registered here, are eligible for the CA $1500 hybrid rebate?

You may not be eligible for the $1,500 rebate unless you satisfy the following:

1) You are a California Resident and have it's drivers license
2) The car is Registered in California for at least 30 months
3) Satisfy Income Requirements

I watched a few 2016 etrons languishing on the local (DFW TX) dealer websites throughout Oct-Nov. Tree hugger car in TX when gas is cheap = low demand. When I finally got my TDI sold back I walked into the closest dealer and made an offer based on (lower than) USAA car buying service recommended target price. They didn't really want to play so I went across town and made the same offer and we shook hands in less than 10 minutes. My other car is a Subaru and there is a $1000 discount for that, plus it was December and I figured that they were motivated to get rid of the '16s. What settled the deal was me agreeing to take the Audi financing at 1%. Interestingly, the first dealer called me the next day and told me that he thought he could meet my price. So a '16 premium plus with sport and tech packages and a few other doodads settled just under $40k. Do what you want with that data point.

Audi's biggest problem is that the sales peeps don't know squat about etron. I had to educate both salesmen that I worked with and frankly I used that to my advantage. I hope that gets better with 2017...it's a great little car.
Just wondering if commenters here are aware of the VW/Audi buyback program. Getting loyalty rebate of $1000 is great, and so is the $5000 Takata airbag rebate. But my 2012 TDI is being bought back by Audi for just under $30k. It's the whole diesel emission scam. To nh94110 - even if your deal is already done, I would talk to Audi to see if your 2010 TDI qualified. Apologies if you were already aware - just thought it was worth mentioning.

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