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I have only had my 2017 for a week today, still trying to figure it out. I have kept it on Automatic. Filled up for the first time this morning. On the first tank I got 465 miles; however I didn't start charging at work until Wednesday and I didn't figure out EV in town/hybrid on the highway until Tuesday so I imagine I'll do better on subsequent tanks. Last weekend, for example, I didn't realize the car is in EV by default and pretty much ran the battery down before it switched over to the engine.

I commute 37 miles to work so going from a 27 MPG Ford Fusion to this is already a dream.
Congrats on your new car. I have the 2017 as well and with trial and error can provide these tips.
I keep in EV (default mode) until I get on the freeway. Then I put the shifter in Sports mode. Allowing one pedal driving as the
car charges/brakes when you take foot of the gas.

I shift back into EV or Hybrid mode when I get off the freeway. With this method and charging only at home, I have been able to get the equivalent of 70 mpg.
Yeah, congrats. I’m a somewhat new 2016 owner.

Sport mode on the freeway sounds like a good option.

When bad traffic comes back to Southern California this summer, I’ll have to figure out the best setting for stop and go commute crawls. ;)
As you are a 2016 owner, you can use the B-Mode bug that i discovered for the 1-pedal driving.
hcashew":13jq046u said:
Whats your favorite for gas economy?

How about for getting to point A to point B the fastest?

Alot of members mix the "Drive Select" button modes with the EV modes. I see you are asking about the Drive Select modes.

I read somewhere else in the forum that this button does a little bit less on our A3's vs other Audi models. And I also never saw alot of explanation or preferences for each mode.
If I remember correctly each mode has a different acceleration curve. And tighter/looser steering. But on higher model Audi's it also makes the suspension firmer/softer, but not on our A3 E-trons.

I also wonder which is the best for everything.
But i think Comfort or Auto may provide the best fuel economy. Comfort also has the least responsive steering.
And Dynamic is the fastest and stiffest steering. (and I think Dynamic+Sport mode is the max performance the car can offer.)

I look forward to other forum members opinions on each of the Drive Select modes.