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Jul 28, 2019
How far does your A3 E-Tron go in hybrid mode on a full charge? What kind of mileage do you get?
I'm not sure what your question is refering to.

With a full tank of petrol and a fully charged battery I have a range of about 450miles. If I drove that distance I would expect about 50mpg (UK).

On battery alone I get between 18 and 28 mile range depending on the weather conditions and the journey profile. If I drive agressively I do get less than 18 miles!
I have never got the 31 mile range, unlike my previous Chevvy Volt where I exceeded the 52 mile max range several times.

Since my daily commute is 20 miles each way and occasional road trips I have a lifetime of 100mpg (UK).
They're asking how long should the normal "Hybrid Auto" mode last before the battery is depleted and it goes into "Hybrid Hold" mode.

The answer is your milage may vary. It's designed to last the full tank of gas, but sometimes there's a bit of battery left before the end, sometimes you use all the battery and the last few miles are on Hybrid Hold. But in general, don't worry about it.
Hello. I just purchased a 2017 e-tron. With a fully charged battery in hybrid mode, my battery only lasts about 15-20 miles before it is completely depleted and the gas mode kicks in. I saw a couple posts here saying that a full charged battery should last nearly a full tank of gas. Am I doing something wrong? Appreciate any help!
I live in Los Angeles and I'm getting great mileage. I get between 600-700 miles per tank of gas. I charge up every night. I have a 20 mile commute to work. No charger at work.

Here is my method:
Drive 3 miles to freeway on EV mode. Hybrid mode in bumper to bumper traffic.
I get to work with about 5 miles of EV left.
On drive home, I get to freeway in EV mode then shift to Sport mode. Regeneration gets me about 9 miles of EV on the way home.
Exiting freeway I put back into EV mode.

I'm averaging about 60-65 mpg. Very happy!