HELP: I feel like I got a bad deal

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Dec 18, 2016
Hey all,
I leased a Audi eTron last night and it all happened a bit too fast.... so I feel like I got a really bad deal:

I got a 2016 eTron premium plus with tech/nav package. We got the car for 10% off at $41,100.

Lease details:
36 month
$3000 cash out the door.
12 miles per year
$450 per month

Residual Value:
Looks like what others are getting on lease deals. Maybe you could have gotten a better deal, or a worse deal. Not sure what you can do about it now if you've already signed. I'd say enjoy the nice car.

Basic/no package.

MSRP 41000
Cap cost 36800 (Like 11% off)
Net cap 30000 (Mostly becuz of fed rebate)
Res 22150


Monthly $302
Heh. Those are all pretty good deals compared to what I got in the beginning of January 2016, when Audi dealers weren't discounting the e-tron MSRP.
The Etron doesn't really lease well because it depreciates fast. That being said, I don't think it was a terrible deal, but I don't think it was great either. For the 2016 model (which dealers are basically desperate to get rid of at this point), I wouldn't of paid any cash out the door and then maybe the $450/month. Right now on, they have a 2017 Premium base model E-tron for $359/month 36 months, 10k miles, and $2,294 due at signing. When leasing, it's best not to pay much up front, because in that case, when you drive-off, that cash disappears.