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Mar 14, 2016
Anyone know how to get the headlight washers to work?
I mentioned in another post that I was to spray the windshield washer for 3 seconds before the headlight washers kick in.
Until yesterday I've never tried it. But it didn't work. Wasted a lot of washer fluids in the process.
If you know what to do, please share.
Do the US cars even have headlight washers? I can’t find any clues that the do.
There is a trapezoid under each headlight. That is the headlight washer sprays. The days are gone for actually having a small wiper blade present.
I asked the service advisor at Audi who replied to my query, saying the washers should activate when the headlights are in the "ON" position and you initiate the windshield washers. I tried and they didn't come on.
There are a few videos on youtube that show this.

Going to bring my car to Audi this Friday for them to look at it.
The trapezoid cover is where they would be if they were present. But I don’t think the US models are so equipped. Would be interesting to know for sure.
Had the Audi service look at it today. They said that they'll need more time with the car because they have to drop the bumper to see why it's not spraying. And since only certified e-tron techs can work on it I have to reschedule.
Got another appointment set 2 weeks from now.
This is funny.
I dropped off my car to the dealership this morning (who btw has been Great). They got me a loaner car for the day (I requested a Q3 and they got it for me). Well, just recently they called and told me that my car doesn't have the headlight washer :eek:
They didn't know and would've sworn that it did. They only found out when they looked at the build sheet for my car.
I would've thought that the Technik trim (top of the line in Canada) had pretty much all the bells and whistles.
Well it was something that the dealership and I learned today.

Arne: You were correct. Seems that Canadian models don't have headlight washers too. A bit of a surprise seeing that it would be very helpful during the winter months.

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