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Sep 11, 2013
Back in July, took the 2016 Audi A3 e-tron for a first drive, and pretty much loved it!

Now, of course, there have been a few other vehicles that have come out since then, namely the Golf GTE, so some of their opinions might change. However, it's based on the same architecture since VW is the parent company. Regardless, here is what GreenCarReports had to say about the upcoming Sportback e-Tron:


After several stints of driving with the e-tron—in final Euro-spec, and close to what we’ll see in the U.S.—earlier this month, in portions of three days and a drive from Vienna to Munich, over narrow, undulating Austrian and German back roads, larger two-lane highways, and some motorway time—we can say that it feels as if Audi has put forth tremendous effort into making the e-tron drive like a normal gasoline (or diesel) car.

The even went so far as to say that it "just might be the best-handling (or best-balanced) model in the A3 lineup - certainly so if you only consider Audi's front-wheel-drive cars" since the e-tron is only available as a front-wheel drive.

To take it a step further, up against every other plug-in hybrid and range-extended EV on the market—or at least, those with a price tag lower than EV enthusiasts’ Holy Grail, the Tesla Model S—the e-tron is simply more fun to drive.

Inside, the e-tron has all the hatchback goodness you’d expect to find. Backseat space is good enough for a couple of adults in the outboard positions (it’s too narrow to fit three adults across); but headroom is just fine and legroom is adequate as long as those in front don’t have the seats pushed back all the way.

The full review is located here: ... rst-drive/