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New member
Jul 31, 2016
We went to put gas in the E-tron for the first time. Had to use the emergency cord to get the gas door open. The the tank would not take any fuel. .4 gallons and pump clicked off, visual inspection showed fuel clear to top lip of filler neck. Gauge indicates 1/4 tank.WTF is going on here?
Did you wait for the fuel tank to vent? Sounds like it wasn't vented. In that case, I'd recommend shutting everything up and recycling it.

When I went to pick up my e-tron, the dealer said they were having the same problem. Then they sheepishly admitted that they didn't check that it had vented and just closing/re-venting it worked. I made a mental note as I'm sure it will happen to me sometime.
Tried recycling again this AM. Fuel door stays locked. Is there a seperate place to open the fuel door? Does it need to be reset after the manual pull has been used?
Fuel door normally opens via the door switch, which should auto initiate the venting process.