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May 23, 2019
I have a 2016 with 43K on it. Just bought it out from a lease. I held off on the warranty so I could research a bit. Dealer is offering $3750 for 2yr/100K, $3950 for 2yr/120K, $4250 for 3 yr/100K. Any advice?
I have always taken the warranty on used luxury cars, too many things that can go wrong and quickly exceed the cost of the warranty, and it gives me peace of mind. Having said that, my used 2014 Q7 was flawless and nothing ever went wrong with it. In stark contrast to my used BMW which was in for repairs a couple of times per year until I got tired of that routine.

I have never run out of distance on the warranties it's always the time that runs out first so I never upgrade to the higher mileage option.

If the warranty for the e-tron is bumper to bumper I'd take it. lot's of technology in these cars.
It's interesting. I am loving my A3 2018 e-tron and I will be under warranty for a few years more. It's a joy to drive. But, you mention Infinity. The Japanese cars in general and especially Lexus which are made in Japan (except for the RX made in Canada), are so reliable, no extended warranty may really be needed. It's unfortunate that generally, the German cars are not as reliable.