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New member
Jul 7, 2020
Today I tried something new with my a3, I wanted to see how far I could travel using electric only in a day. I’m not talking about on one battery charge alone, I wanted to see how far I could travel using level 2 charge stations. I was able to travel 85miles (136km) only charging charging the car 6 times to about 70% each charge. I had a 1300ft elevation gain going their and was able to coast my way back down. This took quite a bit do, let me know if I should do a video about this? Also how far have you traveled on electric in one day?
I'm breaking a different record. How many miles can I go with one tank of gasoline. With COVID and working from home, I've only traveled on short trips to the grocery store etc.
Each time I return home I charge the car. I'm at 1,000 miles with about 90 miles of range left with gas. My old record was 820 miles. My last gas fill up was in Sept. 2020.