European "e-tron" puddle lights with technology package?

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Apr 16, 2019
I read on another forum that the european A3 E-trons with the technology package came with "e-tron" puddle lights. Is this true?
Is there a part # for this item? I would love to put "e-tron" OEM puddle lights in my car instead of the rings or quattro.

Do these "e-tron" puddle lights exist?

Do any of the european members with the technology package have these?

Does anyone have the part # and know if we can buy them aftermarket?
dko3tgk":101qbx2k said:
I would love to put "e-tron" OEM puddle lights in my car instead of the rings or quattro.
Given the small numbers of e-trons in the wild, I would be surprised to see aftermarket suppliers offer e-tron puddle lights.
As a comparator, even though the VW Mk7 (MQB) Sportwagen/AllTrack sells exponentially more than the e-tron, it's tough finding bespoke Sportwagen parts from the aftermarket (e.g., dynamic taillights or hatch side fairings); it's OEM or nothing.

If you can track down a part number, (based in Latvia) can probably get them for you, albeit at OEM prices (~$200USD).

And if you're not quite as fussy and can live with just the Audi logo...<$10 at aliexpress:
Since the full electric E-tron has been out for over a year, the OEM puddle lights are available as a part now.

part #: 4G0-052-133-L

Now the big question, will this fit in our A3 E-trons?

Anyone willing to try and let us know?